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First Main Course Choice

Chicken with Lemon and Olive, Spicy Chicken in Cumin Sauce, Chicken with Eggs and Parsley Sauce, Chicken with Dates

Second Main Course Choices

Marinated Berber Beef Shish Kebab, Tajne of Lamb with Almonds and Honey, Lamb with Chick Peas and Onions.

Third Main Course

Couscons Grand Atlas Topped with Vegetables, Chick Peas and Raisins.

Special Delights -The Three-Salad Platter

Cooked Eggplants in Tomato Sauce, Cucumbers and Bell Peppers in Mediterranean Seasoning, Oasis Carrots with Cucumber

Special Delights -The B’stella

Layered pie with chicken, assort ed nuts, almonds, eggs, parsley and onions, topped with confection sugar and traced with cinnamon

7 Course Meal

$25 /Person